Rubber buffing: a secondary raw material

From solid tyres recycling, we get an output material which is bigger than the rubber powder we saw before. That is the rubber buffing. It’s a highly-content natural rubber fiber, available both in black color or black/white mixed color. Further, great elasticity is the main characteristic. Rubber buffing […]

Solid tires shredding box

SOLID TIRES SHREDDING BOX Turnkey, easy, reliable Waste solid tires disposal problem? Forget about that! Solid tires shredding box is the easiest solution to your problems. Heavy tire? Light solution! As it is well known, solid tires and press-on bands are particularly difficult to dispose because of their […]

Waste solid tires disposal

Waste solid tires disposal problem? We are the best solution!   Find out why is it important to dispose the waste solid tires and press-on bands in the correct way! Everyone knows about it: the lack of space in the warehouse is a problem. This problem becomes a […]

Rubber powder: best 3 reasons to use it

Rubber powder: the raw material Before production starts, machinery is set up according to the kind of material one wants to obtain, e.g. more rubber powder instead of buffing and mulch or vice versa. Sieved according to the size, rubber dust fills the bulk bags, or containers, according […]

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