rubber mulch

Are you looking for rubber mulch, rubber powder and buffing in different sizes? You are in the right place!

We can satisfy every customer’s request: before production starts exact buffing size can be set up.

Let’s see our products:

Rubber powder: it’s small as powder, in fact it’s rubber! Usually, it is used in building area to make insulating boards and antivibration panels. Also, a small amount can be put in new tires’ compound.

Rubber buffing: it is flat and long; it is used for antishock floor tiles in playgrounds.

Rubber Mulch: it is the biggest size of the three, very similar to the “tree bark”; usually, rubber mulch is painted and used as decoration in flowerbeds. Painted rubber mulch doesn’t burn easilly. Natural rubber needs 300° C or more to burn!

Yes, that’s right! Material we produce is 100% natural rubber and it’s completely clean from any steel nails or textile.

The production process can be checked at any time in order to supply our Customers with the finest product.

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