Rubber buffing: a secondary raw material

From solid tyres recycling, we get an output material which is bigger than the rubber powder we saw before. That is the rubber buffing. It’s a highly-content natural rubber fiber, available both in black color or black/white mixed color. Further, great elasticity is the main characteristic. Rubber buffing is particularly recommended in building area to manufacture various products. Let’s see them more in detail.

Thermal insulation with rubber buffing

As we said before, in building area, rubber buffing is much appreciated thanks to its chemical and physical characteristics. In particular it is used by companies to manufacture sheets or rolls for thermal and acoustic insulation in houses, offices and so on. There are many advantages to use the rubber fiber as secondary raw material for insulating products. Above all, the soundproof comfort from outside noises as well as energy savings from both heating and conditioning point of view.

Safety in children’s playgrounds

Are you producing affordable and slip-resistant rubber mats or safety floor tiles? Rubber buffing is certainly the right raw material for your needs. It’s a very reliable cushion for the kids to break their fall. Further, this material is not only used in children’s playgounds, but other areas like gyms and sports centers.

Anti vibration mats

The rubber fiber also has anti vibration features. Assemblied in rolls or sheets of different thikness, rubber buffing not only insulates the building fundament, but also buffers from the vibration of the machineries placed on the floor or from the trains moving on the railways.

Rubber buffing: the second working life of a product

In conclusion, to give a product a second working life after the first one is ended certanly represents a huge advantage. This is why rubber buffing it’s also called ‘secondary’ raw material. Among the advantages by using rubber fiber, we can enumerate both the economic and raw material saving.

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