Tyre Recycling Podcast


Among the news delivered by Tyre&Rubber Recycling magazine, one of the latest is the Tyre Recycling Podcast. Let’s examine the topic.

What is a podcast?

The word ‘podcast’ merges the words pod (that sounds like a popular device for the plyback of digital audio files) and broadcast (like radio broadcast or TV broadcast). Podcasts are more and more popular on digital platforms. The best known platform is undoubtedly YouTube, although there are many of other social media focused on podcasts.

Tyre Recycling Podcast: what is it about?

The popular trade magazine Tyre&Rubber Recycling has recently implemented its presence in the social media, like Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube reaching an even wider audience than the printed edition alone. They recently launched their official YouTube channel that includes the brand new Tyre Recycling podcast. It is focused on various themes concerning the Tyre Recycling Industry.

Who contributes to these podcasts?

End-of-life tire recycling companies are invited to participate in the Tire Recycling Podcast. Each episode features a company manager that talks about its job, products and services provided by his/her company.

Tyre Recycling Podcast: E-Cova interview

And here is finally our turn! We are very happy to share the video of our interview with Ewan Scott, editor of Tyre&Rubber Recycling magazine and Richard Wilson, the director of Valebridge Media Services. Let’s watch the video together!

A very special thanks to Ewan Scott and Richard Wilson for giving our company the opportunity to make itself known through such an important tool as the podcast. If you liked the video, Please leave a comment on our website or on our social pages!

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