Waste solid tires disposal

Waste solid tires disposal problem? We are the best solution!

  Find out why is it important to dispose the waste solid tires and press-on bands in the correct way! Everyone knows about it: the lack of space in the warehouse is a problem. This problem becomes a cost when the space is occupied by waste solid forklift truck tires. This is a material that has reached the end of its working life. To dispose waste solid tires has various benefits.

Find out the benefits to dispose waste solid tires

Solid forklift truck tires and press-on bands have a very intensive working life, thanks to their strong ability to sustain heavy weights. Once they have reached the end of their working life it is important to dispose them not to occupy the space you need.

Waste solid tires disposal = money saving

The first important advantage one can get from waste solid tires disposal is money saving. That’s it! By disposing the waste solid tires and press-on bands, you save money and gain space you’d need for your material handling or storage.

How to dispose waste solid tires?

It is very easy! It is sufficient to contact us even just for a consultation. We can promptly provide answers to your questions. You’ll be guided step by step to the discovery of our waste solid tires disposal service.

Find out who – besides you – benefits from waste solid tires disposal

To dispose and recycle waste solid tires and press-on bands it is very important – and doing this in the correct way is essential. Did you know that nobody has determined how long does waste solid tires decompose if abandoned in the environment yet? European Law 1999/EC clearly bans to give waste tires to landfills. The result of their correct recycling is a reusable product as well as energy and raw materials savings.   For more info fill the contact form and you’ll be guided step by step to the waste solid tires disposal!

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