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When professionalism is combined with the love for one’s work, it becomes a vocation.

rubber buffing productionLooking for rubber buffing products?

You are in the right place! At E-COVA we produce rubber buffing  from waste solid tyres recycling.

We collect and process solid tyres and press-on bands. The result is a marketable rubber powder and rubber buffing products, that can be reused as a ‘secondary’ raw material in different areas like construction field, urban design and street furniture.

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    Are you a tyre dealer or you manage a garbage dump and you don’t know how to dispose the waste forklift truck tyres?

    Thanks to our company this problem turns into an opportunity, because we will dispose them for you. We have the authorisation to deal with special waste Code CER 160103.


    In our plant we are producing rubber powder and buffing in various sizes according to customers’ need. Material has its employment in construction area and in the urban fabric. Antishock floor tiles, insulating boards and antivibration panels are only some examples of products made with rubber buffing.


    Rubber powder, buffing and mulch are 100% made of natural rubber: they are completely clean from any impurities. Customers can choose the size of the material and the packaging. It can be delivered in big-bags or free in containers.

    You can find us in CASALMAGGIORE (CR), Italy – 26041 – Via Lamari, 15

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